Really excited to announce that we will be releasing Pandit’s debut full-length Eternity Spin February 22nd! Pandit combines elements of shoegaze and chillwave making for a perfect dream pop listening experience. The record features the music of Star Slinger as well as Foxes in Fiction.

Pandit is the musical outlet for Texas singer/songwriter/producer Lance Smith.

After multiple attempts with various projects, Smith decided to go solo in mid 2009. The intention of developing well crafted pop songs that are infused with alternative experimentation has been the main goal under the alias of Pandit. Smith describes his material as a “never know what you are going to get” type of approach. There’s never any formula as to how the song’s are written. Smith’s method of creating music is purely a stream-of-consciousness, similar to that of Bradford Cox.

In January of 2010, Smith self-released his debut EP to rave reviews. People began really admiring his approach towards music, meaning to not limiting himself to a certain style. Shortly thereafter, work began on what will be Smith’s first full length out on the Waaga label. There’s a good amount of shoegaze/twee influences on it, though it’s dream pop informed by latter day chillwave. But all in all, it’s a pop album close to perfection.

Smith intends to hit the road in 2011 to tour his debut full length.


1. Pack Your Bags
2. Artichoke
3. Skivvies
4. Kathryn, My Love
5. The Midi Orchestration
6. Scotch
7. We Reach Out feat. Star Slinger
8. Augustus
9. Kodiak
10. European Dance Theme feat. Foxes in Fiction



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