Teen Daze Hits Daytrotter

Teen Daze recently stopped by the Daytrotter studios to record this gorgeous session. In the set is a stripped-down cut of “The Harvest” off A Silent Planet. Head over to Daytrotter and have a listen. 

Clears Throat

Here is a new jam from Denton’s FUR. This track will be featured on the FUR/Coyote Clean Up digital ‘Lackadaisical EP’ scheduled for release March 2nd. Thanks to Gorilla vs Bear for the premier.

FUR :: Clears Throat 

Homemade Extacy

Waaga will be releasing Florene’s Homemade Extacy on June 8th.

Homemade Extacy

Street Caring

Invitation to Sailing

Deal With It


What’s A Rave?

Cool Runnings


Towelled Cial

Space Cadets



Spirituals is the moniker for the sample-based electronic music endeavor of drummer, producer, and graphic artist Tyler Tadlock. In his hometown of Jackson, Mississippi, Tyler began experimenting with samples from local free jazz projects and sounds recorded with his laptop to form rhythm driven compositions. After relocating to Portland, OR, he began work on his first album, drawing on a wealth of samples, meticulously chopped and arranged to form electronic music which pays homage his jazz roots.


Teen Daze Joins Waaga, Lead Single Premiered by The Fader

Waaga is proud to announce the addition of Teen Daze to our family! His new EP A Silent Planet will be available September 13th and can be pre-ordered HERE. Those who pre-order will also receive a surprise bonus!

Head on over to The Fader to check out lead single “Surface”.

1. Surface
2. It Calls Me Under
3. I Fell Into The Light
4. The Harvest
5. Watch Over Me
6. Malacandra


Lackadaisical EP

Here is some new “mutant tapeloop disco” from FUR and Detroit’s Coyote Clean Up.  The two haunted lounge-house artists come together in the form of their ‘Lackadaisical’ EP. Download it now for free!

  1. HorizonzZz – FUR
  2. Clears Throat – FUR
  3. Swymnastyx – FUR
  4. Lackadaisical (Coyote Clean Up Dub) – FUR
  5. Take It Like A Champ – Coyote Clean UP
  6. Bad Blackberry – Coyote Clean Up
  7. Don’t Worry Dub (w_ Orphan) – Coyote Clean Up
  8. Lackadaisical Luv XXX F U 2 (FUR RMX)

White Mountains – Wilderness

White Mountains is the project of producer and composer Peter James. Exploring texture, space, and melody, James creates electronic music with an organic feel that often reaches blissful heights.  He is currently based in New Hampshire. White Mountains LP, Wilderness will be released November 9th.

Northern Spirit
Fast River
Golden Age
Echo Lake
Winter Light

Waaga Records Compilation

Here it is! 15 tracks from our artists and friends. The Comp is available for free download from the link below. Watch for all of these artists in 2010.


2. Golden Things – Treasure
3. Black Castles – FUR
4. Deal With It – Florene
5. Trails – White Mountains
6. Stones and Crowds – Emily Neveu
7. Cocaine Blues – Ennui
8. Yellowtree – Abacus
9. Let Wells – Sunnybrook
10. Untitled – Power Animal
11. The Cliffs – Melting Season
12. Tell Her – Boddicker
13. It Wont Be Long – Soft Cat
14. Shutterbugs – Motherly
15. Nightcycles – Seams 

Technosports Presents Two Hours of Love: Episode 18 (FUR)

The folks over at TechnoSports International invited FUR to do a DJ set for their show “Two Hours of Love.”

Two Hours of Love Episode 18 [FUR] by waagarecords

Tracklist after the jump

Acoustic Lady – Hudson Mohawke

Mushroom Forest – Paul White

Antigravity – Shlomo

Pembroke – Airhead & James Blake

Ancestors – Gonjasufi

Eu Vou Torcer – Jorge Ben

Amor Es – AFTA-1

Incense (Feat. Kirsten Agnesta) – Erykah Badu

My Comet – Onra

The Meaning – 14KT

Blue Countach – Noel Zancanella

Knock Knock – Mike Slott

Tape This – Onra

Allen Nature – Paul White

Rounded – Samiyam

Friends (Letherette Remix) – Fur

Velvet Peel – Hudson Mohawke

Remember 2 Bounce 1 – Indigo Pyramid

Sunset Light – Hubert Daviz

Count Basic – Gotta Jazz

Kleiner Finger – Bohren & Der Club Of Gore

Deep Blaque – Dr. Who Dat?

Brooklyn Sunset – Afta-1

Toc – Tom Ze

Hai – Fur