Lackadaisical EP

Here is some new “mutant tapeloop disco” from FUR and Detroit’s Coyote Clean Up.  The two haunted lounge-house artists come together in the form of their ‘Lackadaisical’ EP. Download it now for free!

  1. HorizonzZz – FUR
  2. Clears Throat – FUR
  3. Swymnastyx – FUR
  4. Lackadaisical (Coyote Clean Up Dub) – FUR
  5. Take It Like A Champ – Coyote Clean UP
  6. Bad Blackberry – Coyote Clean Up
  7. Don’t Worry Dub (w_ Orphan) – Coyote Clean Up
  8. Lackadaisical Luv XXX F U 2 (FUR RMX)

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