“Denton, Texas electronica outfit Florene loops and layers its way through slowly morphing hypno-jams, sometimes landing on a steady beat but always staring off into the distant static. While its live performances tend to feature trippy video projections and drawn-out song structures, it’s less in the jam-tronica vein and more prone to conjure up eerie background drones, echo-soaked vocal outbursts, and an overall texture that’s the sonic equivalent of dirty glitter. Florene seems to be hovering somewhere between the worlds of Crystal Castles and Animal Collective, but with a restless spirit that mostly keeps it from getting bogged down in trendy imitation.” -Decider Review

Aaron and Gavin met while working at a camera shop in North Texas. Aaron had recently been in an epic pop group of large membership that had seen its demise with diverging musical opinions and member relocations. Gavin had been making solo electronic music under his own name and the two of them quickly realized they had similar musical interests and abilities so they got a rehearsal space at rubber gloves in Denton, bought some drum machines/synths/samplers, and started making their own brand of music.

After befriending and getting the approval of some phenomenal local musicians such as Sleep Whale (mom), Matthew & The Arrogant Sea, Shiny Around The Edges, History At Our Disposal, Bryce Isbell, Wanz Dover, and Lars Larsen, the two continued to play live and self-release their own music. Since the beginning, Florene now has 6 self-releases including singles, EPs, splits, and live recordings, not to mention being a part of many local, national, and international compilations or mixtapes. After embarking on a ten day midwest tour, they are now preparing for a west coast tour of the same length, working on a remix for Merok Records’ Comanechi, and released a cassette tape put out by the Copenhagen based label Skrot Up.

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