Blithe Field joins the Waaga Family

Blithe Field is the ongoing project of 19 year old, Spencer Radcliffe. His new LP ‘Two Hearted’ is the euphoric organization of field recordings, clean cut samples, acoustic guitar, and a slew of beautifully deconstructed sounds being pieced back together kaleidoscopically. The often beat and guitar driven sounds make a listener wonder if they are in a nightclub, a dusty barn, or on a couch having a weird dream about Seaworld.

Two Hearted comes out June 28th – Pre Order it Here

1. Crushing
2. People I Love
3. Go Japan
4. Illuminating Moments
5.Indian Head Test Pattern
6. Finger Tap
7. You Are Here
8. Where Are You
9. Infinite Death Metal
10. Brushing
11. Fathers Tendrils
12. Goodnight Ladies
13. If I Could Just Be A Millionaire

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